Community Donations

photoCommunities love ASAP and love to help KIDS!

Our experience with ASAP has shown a tremendous outpouring of support from our school families, school alumni, community members and area businesses.  The key to gaining support is creating AWARENESS about the program and its' benefits within your community.


Here are a few methods for garnering community support:

1.  Media Awareness: contact local radio, television and newspapers and tell them about the ASAP program and give them access to this website

 They can review the website and see for themselves that this is a great program that can benefit the children in after school care.  Hopefully they will give you time to come and present the program on air or at least give media coverage to the program.


2.  Send letters home to students in your school.  Our schools had tremendous success getting art supplies donated to the ASAP program simply by asking school parents to donate new and unused art supplies that they may have and are no longer in need of.

 Put a box in a designated area and label it ASAP supplies and you will be surprised how many donations you will receive!


3.  Ask area stores to donate art supplies.  Talk to store managers in advance of school starting and ask them if they will be willing to donate any unsold art supplies to your ASAP program.  If they will not donate them, they may be willing to sell them to you for an even further reduced price.