Fund Raising

Creating Art is NOT Expensive!

The BEST time to purchase supplies for your ASAP Program are the weeks prior to the start of school.  During this time most stores run huge sales on school supplies.  Often glue and scissors can be purchased for .50 cents!  Depending upon the number of students you will have in the program, be sure to stock up on plenty of glue and scissors.  Kids go through the glue pretty quickly and having enough scissors allows less sharing and allows the children more time to create their masterpieces!

Be sure to stock up on markers, construction paper, pom poms, wiggly eyes, paint brushes and pans, tissue paper, hole punches and pencils and paper.

Most of the projects presented in ASAP are inexpensive and easy for kids to create on their own with little or no assistance.  ASAP is not really about making great artists, its about giving kids the opportunity to have a diverse activity that helps them develop their individuality, express their creativity and have FUN!