Get Started

A happy Brynn with her completed project . . a gift for her mother!

A happy Brynn with her completed project . . a gift for her mother!



ASAP students creating their own masterpieces!

ASAP students creating their own masterpiece 

ASAP is not an expensive program to adopt into your school, church or civic organization.

ASAP is an acronym for After-School Art Program.  This program was created to give children in after school care access to a variety of art mediums and through weekly art projects.  ASAP is a volunteer program and any parent, artist, volunteer or after-school coordinator can implement and administer this volunteer initiative.



                                  Getting Started


     1.   Find a Space

                       - cafeteria

                       - classroom

                       - art room


Look for a space in your facility where you will have ample space for the children to spread out and create their artwork.  You will need tables and chairs and it is also helpful to have a closet or designated area to store the art supplies.



     2.    Enlist Volunteers

                       - Middle-School Students

                       - High School Students

                       - National Honor Society Students

                       - Parent Volunteers

                       - Retired Teachers

                       - Church Volunteers

Middle school and high school students often need to perform community service to get their required number of volunteer service hours.  These students are generally reliable students who enjoy art and volunteerism.  It is important to have the same volunteers at your school so the children can get to know them and interact with them on a consistent basis.



        3.  Get Art Supplies

                       - Yarn, fabric & buttons

                       - Scissors, hole punch & rulers

                       - Glue & glue sticks

                       - Markers, colored pencils & crayons

                       - Construction paper & tissue paper

                       - Pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks & pom poms


Art supplies can either be purchased or donated.  Many school corporations have funds available that you can submit requests to purchase supplies.  It is also a good idea to ask the Parent Teacher Organization at your school if they would donate money to your ASAP Program.


Contact local civic organizations for donations as well as local businesses and art societies.  Any organization that promotes art or craft projects in your community will probably be happy to sponsor your ASAP Program.


Parents of the students in the After-School Daycare Program are usually happy to donate supplies so their children will have the benefit of art each week.



      4.   Community Donations


Contact your local newspaper and radio stations and ask them to partner with you to get community support.   Be sure to utilize social media outlets to reach people as well.  Facebook, Twitter and Mass Email Mailings are also good ways to get the word out about your program and the need for supplies.  Ask local citizens to donate any unused or left over art supplies that they may have to your school.  Many people are happy to clean out their closets and drawers and donate items they no longer need to help children.


Place a donation box outside of each elementary school office in your community to collect the supplies.  You will be surprised to see how willing people are to donate items to school programs and projects.   ASAP is a volunteer program that not only benefits the children who participate, but it can enrich an entire community.



      5.    Register with ASAP


                       - Register on ASAP Website

                       - Receive Additional Art Resources

                       - Receive an ASAP Window Decal

                       - Information about Art Grants for Supplies


Register your school on this website so you can get your program going!  Once you register we will send you a free Window Decal to place on the front door of your school.  This will let all guests to the school know your school has an ASAP Program and that your school is also a proponent of the arts.


All ASAP registered schools will receive updates on art supply grant opportunities as well as companies who have donation opportunities.  The more supplies you can secure for ASAP the more art and the more fun your after-school kids can have!






                                                        ASAP is a Volunteer Organization & is Not-For-Profit