ASAP has been a great addition to our after school day care.  With 70+ students in our program, it has added an extra day of fun, creative activities for our students to enjoy.  The students look forward to their ASAP days.  We have students who want to go to after school day care because of ASAP and others who want their parents to wait so they can finish their projects.  Ali's wonderful and bubbly personality provides a positive role model for our students.  Our daycare workers love ASAP and we are very proud of Ali, a former Viking, for starting this program for the students.

Rich Rutherford, Principal, http://Franklin%20Elementary,%20Vincennes,%20Indiana

The After-School Aft Program has greatly impacted the students of the Vincennes Community School Corporation.  Ali Skinner has a tremendous amount of dedication, creativity and talent.  I am thrilled that Ali has taken time out of her incredibly busy schedule to work with these young people.  This program is inspiring young people to dream, create and perform.  Programs such as these are a necessity  for our young people.  They foster and nurture talents that are already there, that simply need to be pulled out of him or her.  These positive experiences can lead and develop into interests that can then become and define who these young people are.  I strongly encourage students to take part in this great initiative, and truly appreciate all of the work that Ali has put into ASAP.

Jason King, VCSC K-12 Fine Arts Director

"The ASAP Program has offered our students the opportunity to have additional arts and crafts each week.  Many students are limited with supplies and have few opportunities to stimulate their imagination.  Creative activity is a source of joy and wonder for children.  The ASAP Program enables our students to focus on an activity that is fun and engaging.  We appreciate ASAP's dedication in helping our students grow, create and imagine."

Susan Marchino, Principal

"The students have really enjoyed ASAP and anxiously look forward to it.  It has been a joy for me too!  An added benefit was the experience the older students had in helping the younger students.   Their participation as helpers enhanced the fun, interaction and creativity for everyone.  Thanks for asking me to be a part of ASAP this year."

Jean Page, Retired High School Art Teacher