Week 25

Rainy Day Drawing



  • Construction paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Blue washable ink pad
  • Umbrella Template
  • Gray paint
  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Print our template. Have your child color their umbrella however they would like! When they are finished coloring, cut the umbrella out.
  2. Glue the umbrella in the center of a piece of construction paper.
  3. Glue a line of cotton balls across the top of the paper to look like clouds.
  4. Since it’s a rainy day, you need to turn the clouds a bit gray. Dip an extra cotton ball into some gray paint and dab it on top of the cotton balls that are glued down. You don’t need to coat them completely – just a little bit of gray works fine.
  5. Have your child press their fingers onto the ink pad and then press their fingers onto the construction paper to make rain drops. Encourage them to make as many rain drops as they would like!