Week 27

Stained Glass Project



- Tissue Paper

- Waxed Paper

- Liquid Starch

- Paint brushes

- Small paint cans or jars



1.   Take tissue paper (a variety of colors) and tear it into small pieces.

2.   Tape down a piece of waxed paper to the table surface.

3.   Brush liquid starch all over the waxed paper and put liquid starch into paint can.

4.   Take a piece of the tissue paper and put it into the bowl of liquid starch.

5.   Put the tissue paper onto the waxed paper and using the paint brush, put liquid starch on the piece of tissue paper.  Keep adding more tissue paper into the starch and onto the wax paper.

6.  Kids can make a picture, a design or just put a variety of colors onto the waxed paper.

7.  Cover the wax paper with all your tissue paper pieces.

8.  Let the paper dry.

9.  You can hang these in the window and let the kids enjoy seeing the sun shine through!