Week 5

Finger Puppets

Finger Puppet


Pink, white and black construction paper




Pipe Cleaners




1. Cut out two circles from a sheet of pink construction paper. One circle will be the pig’s midsection, and one circle will be the pig’s head. One circle should be slightly smaller than the other. Roll and glue two 1-inch by 3-inch paper strips into cylinders wide enough to fit over your fingers. Let the glue dry completely. Attach the cylinders to the back of the round midsection with masking tape.


2. Attach the head to the midsection with masking tape. For extra support, fasten the head to the back of the body with staples.


3. Add thin black hooves using construction paper. Cut small triangles out at the end of the cylinders to resemble the split in the hooves. Glue the hooves to the pink cylinders. Let the glue dry completely.

4. Draw a snout, nostrils, and mouth on the pig’s head.


5. Cut out two white eyes from construction paper. Draw in the black pupils. Glue the eyes to the top of the head. Cut out two pink ear shapes and glue them to the pig’s head. Let the glue dry completely.


6. Make a curly tail out of a pink pipe cleaner. Attach it the back of the pig’s body with a stapler. The tail should stick out and be visible from the front of the pig.


7. Put your fingers through the tops of the cylinders behind the pig’s body and make it walk!