Week 7

Fall Leaf Project



1. Variety of 6 X 9 colors of construction paper

2. Warp paper: Variety of colors of 6 X 9 construction paper cut in one inch strips leaving one   inch at top (long side) not cut. Number strips at bottom 1 & 2 alternating


3. Variety of colors of 1 X 9 construction paper strips

4. Leaf pattern

5. Scissors

6. Glue sticks (not as messy as Elmers)

7. Pencils


1. Take one 1 X 9 paper strip and place it over the number one on the cut warp paper; then under the number 2; repeat across.  Slide strip to top as far as it will go. Glue edges down.

2. Take another 1 X 9 paper strip and this time place it under the number one; over the number 2, etc.  Slide it to top as far as it will go and glue edges down.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until warp is filled.

4. Fold 6 X 9 construction paper in half (hotdog style) and fold leaf pattern in half lengthwise.

5. Place folded leaf pattern in middle of folded side construction paper and trace on the top side (not necessary to trace back side because of fold).

6. Leaving construction paper folded cut on drawn line starting where it meets the fold.  When open you will have a frame the shape of a leaf.

7. Glue the leaf frame to the weaving.  Do whatever you want to the leaf you