Week 1

Tissue Paper Fishbowl



Card Stock

Construction Paper

Tissue paper



Googly Eyes

Hole Punch

White Paper



1.  Make several fishbowl forms out of heavy card stock so children can use it to trace their own fishbowl on their own card stock.


2.  Cut out the fishbowl.

3.  Using construction paper have children make fish (you may need to have a few pre-cut forms for the children to trace around, depending upon the ages and ability level of the kids.  Let the kids pick any colors.

4.  Once they make their fish, add googly eyes with glue and set aside to dry.

5.  Have tissue paper cut into small 2 inch x 2 inch squares.  Have children cover the fishbowl with tissue paper, and make sure they use the glue sparingly.  In fact, it is probably best to have they put glue on entire fish bowl area and then take a finger and speed it over fishbowl area.

6.  Cover fishbowl with tissue paper squares.

7.  Add glue to back of the fish and place on bowl.

8.  Using hole punch, have children punch several times on white paper and then glue those circles above the fish for bubbles!  Glue bubbles above fish.

9.  Optional:  You can punch a hole in the top and add string so the children can hang their fish bowls and display them!


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