Week 4

Tulip Card

Tulip Card


1. A variety of colors of cardstock with tulip pattern printed on it or unprinted   cardstock with patterns for students to trace onto cardstock.


2. Green cardstock for leaves (print or use patterns)


3. 6” chenille sticks for stems.


4. Ribbon or yarn


5. glue dots


6.  Markers


7. Paper punch



1. Cut out tulip on desired color of cardstock and leaf on green cardstock.

2. Fold on dotted lines

3. Put a glue dot on lower back of tulip (rounded edge is the bottom).  Place the chenille stick onto the glue dot.

4. Put a glue dot on the back and middle of the double leaf.  Then place on stem.

5. Write message on inside with markers.

6. Punch holes on dots.

7. Put ribbon/yarn through holes and tie a bow.


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